Victoria Day Weekend - Plant Sale Event and Farm Gate

Molly's Acres has lots of fun things happening

Victoria Day Weekend!

Plant Sale and Farm Gate - Friday May 17th - Noon - 6pm and Saturday 10am - 3pm

Lettuces, herbs and greens will be available for purchase as well as a selection of plants for your garden. Online orders can also be picked up.

Hügelkultur Workshop - Saturday, May 18th, 12pm - 4pm / Event Cancelled

Catchacoma Marina Onsite Market and Plant Sale - Saturday 10am - 1pm

Going to the cottage for Victoria Day Weekend?  Visit us at the Catchacoma Marina on Saturday.  You can purchase some lettuces, herbs and greens; find out more about what Molly's Acres offers; purchase some plants for your garden; sign up for our weekly newsletter offering. Regular Catchacoma Marina Market starts every Friday from 3pm - 7pm June 28 to August 30th.

#lettuce #Hügelkultur #Seedlings

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