Why do I grow what I grow?

Well, I am not much of a blogger but I wanted to share this with you. Recently my husband asked me: “Why do you grow so many different varieties of lettuces, herbs and greens?”. I was a bit puzzled by the question. He does like my salads….. Turns out, one of the reasons we started Molly’s Acres was to take control of our food source. I happen to like a variety of lettuces, herbs and greens. As a matter of fact, one of my favourite things is our mixed cut greens with a variety of lettuces and greens. The only thing better than this is when I also add fresh herbs. So, why do I choose to grow what I grow? Because it tastes really good!!

Joyce, “Lover of Good Food!”



#arugula #lettuce #herbs #sustainable #local #parsley #basil

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