Welcome Rita Oates to our Family!

There is still snow on the ground but at Molly’s Acres, spring is just around the corner! New growth is happening in our greenhouse and family!

First, we are very excited to welcome Rita Oates as our new Farm Manager.

Rita is a Trent graduate with a BSc in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. Rita specialized in organic agriculture methods, soil science and plant/crop production. Growing up in Northumberland Hills she knew that agriculture was going to be a huge part of her life and she’s enjoyed taking part in local agricultural events. Welcome to the Molly’s Acres Family Rita!

Second, seedlings are already started. You can look forward to beautiful lettuces, greens, bok choy and herbs soon. Stay informed on our offering by signing up for our weekly newsletter at www.mollysacres.ca. We are expecting our first crops early May!

Happy Spring!

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